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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mom of the Year

Yeah, I so deserve it

/end sarcasm

Kiddo hurt herself week before last outside and came running in and said she hurt her ankle.  She's such a drama queen and does stuff like this often, so I just kissed it and made her prop it up.  It didn't look bad and I thought she was just exaggerating like normal.

She called from school today. I missed the call. Hubs went to pick her up and was mad, thinking she was faking again, because conveniently it was right before the class that she has such anxiety about. She told the school it had been hurting for 2 weeks, so as a precaution, he took her to the ER though. I didn't even go.

Yeah, imagine my surprise when he calls to say they're headed to the drugstore and then to home, she fractured her fibula.

I felt so guilty for not realizing my baby was hurt for real.

As much of a connection as we have and as easily as I can usually see through her, I totally miscalled this one.

She loves that she has a broken bone the same year of school I did.  The smile on her face. She loves those weird little similarities that we keep having.  At the hospital, she said some man asked what boy she kicked. She was in hysterics when I told her a teacher asked me the same thing in 7th grade when I broke my ankle.

Anyway, live and learn I suppose.  I guess I'd have known if it were severe, but still, what momma does this?

We had a talk with her about her tales and about keeping us in the loop when something continues to hurt past when it happens and how she can help us avoid this going forward. I'd hate to be in the ER every week just because she fusses about a small pain, but I'd hate to not go to the ER and find out later that she had a broken bone again.


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  1. Been there! Sent Princess off to play a soccer game when she came running that her fingers were hurt before the game started. I knew she was hurt because she was crying, but didn't know they were THAT hurt until she woke up in the morning with them purple and swollen. One broken, one sprained. Yup, felt like mom of the year.