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Friday, March 20, 2015

Pet Names

The last post was a very emotionally draining experience and dwelling on the negative is not a good thing, so I'm going to fake it til I make it by creating a fun, happy post.

One blogger I follow said if she'd had her baby her whole life, she'd have never learned her name because of all the pet names she has for her.  I thought that was funny, but then thought....yeah, I can see that with our baby too.

Here's some of the more used pet names we have for the monster, I mean kiddo:

  • monster (obviously)
  • Princess (hubs uses this one alot)
  • first name ANGELROSE last name (angelrose is the middle name I wanted to change her name too)
  • first name HAMMERTOE last name (the name we pretended we'd change her name to)
  • Punkin
  • Angel
  • babygirl
  • babycakes (from me)
  • munchkin
  • monkey (primarily hubs, but lately I've adopted that some too)
  • cutie or cutie patootie
  • beautiful
  • sweetheart
  • kiddo
you know how most people said using full name = being in trouble.  Here just the first name, real first name, is when you're in trouble. Otherwise is a combination or pet name.  first name combined with other names is "I'm saying you're in trouble, but maybe not really"

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