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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Special and Crazy Relationship

After all the drama yesterday, got up this morning to a very grouchy girl.

Finally headed out the door to school and on the way had to pull over for her to throw up.  I called hubs and asked him to come pick her up at my office.

I suggested just taking her home, give her pepto and gingerale and put her to bed.  He took her to the doctor though and turns out she was having a short term reaction to the pain meds yesterday and she's over it pretty quickly.

However, while they were there, he prescribed something for her acne, which is getting pretty bad.  The instructions cautioned her against hurting the baby.

Hubs gave her a horrible time about that, knowing that we've never let her go somewhere without us and pretended like he was saying the doctor claimed she was pregnant. They were dying laughing when she came by the office to give me an update.

When they left my office, he handed her the keys jokingly and asked her to drive home, because he wasn't spending 9 months taking her to appointment after appointment for her baby. He also said that's why she was sick that morning.

She took a bath when she got home and it took her so long, he knocked on the door and told her not to drown his grandbaby.

They laugh all about it.  I'm glad they can, because for me, it's a huge fear. I think to the texts that she gets from boys that she doesn't shut down and how hard of a time she has saying no there is going to translate to not saying no in real life when she gets of dating age.

I'm sure that it helps that her and hubs can talk so easily about things and she has always maintained that when she gets to that point, she'd talk to me ahead of time when she started feeling that way, but if you get caught up in the moment or don't see it coming, how would she?

Open communication, even relaxed joking is a good thing. He said joking about serious things is his way of helping her realize it's okay to talk about anything, no matter what it is.

I love when their relationship is good and not tense and they can laugh and be silly together.

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