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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Closing our Home

We've been keeping our license open all this time JUST so we could provide respite for baby sis and her family.

Today, we got a call from the other families agency. It turns out they can't use our home study for that anyway. We have to get a background check and the normal stuff that baby sitters have to do for foster kids with them done.

So.....good news is we can close our home and no more social worker visits

bad news is background checks can take awhile, so they'll have to tough it out for awhile before we'll be much help.

Sorta looking forward to it, nervous, but excited too.

We got kiddo a new bed, it was delivered yesterday. Her and her crazy pup broke her other one. The new bed has room for baby sis.

We will attempt to put it together this weekend if all goes smoothly.  It's hard to get things done because kiddo can't spend a bunch of time outside playing and we'd be working around her, but I'm excited to get her room done.

Her and her pup wore out her saucer chair in the play room too, so I went and picked up the one I had set aside for her birthday (I knew it wasn't going to be long, I just was hoping it'd last a little longer)

and new bedding....

We got new curtains too, she's outgrown the pink, and blue is her favorite color now so we'll be taking down her pretty pink curtains and replacing it with turquoise ones (my favorite color too)

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