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Friday, March 13, 2015

My Silly Girl

Random things she's said that cracks me up:


"You can't do nothing with giraffes"
trying to decide if I'm buying that line or if she needs to look up words in the dictionary
I seriously thought she said "You can't do nothing with your A**" The look on her face when I turned around....priceless


Kiddo:  "lucifer, you need to quit acting so much like daddy"
Daddy: "why, does it get him in trouble?"
kiddo: "gets me in trouble when I do that"
Daddy: "really?"
Momma: "with mommy"
kiddo: "yeah, momma doesn't let us have any fun, does she?"


setting: driving along the river
kiddo: "What is that guy doing with his turn signal on?" yells: "dummy, if you turn there, you're going in the river"
Me: "Good night for fishing"
Hubs: "Yep, they all gather under the bridge"
kiddo: (giggle) "So they don't get wet"

mommy" "mommy" "mommy" "mommy" "mommy" "mommy" "mommy" "mommy"
me: "we're not doing this 15 times an hour today"
kiddo: "this is the last time"
me: "what do....." (interrupted)
kiddo: "for now anyway" (proceeds to make request)
I help her and then go back to what I was doing.
kiddo: "Mommy"
me: "didn't we just have this conversation?"
kiddo: "That was 3 minutes ago, mommy"


kiddo:  "Daddy, come here, I want to show you something"
Daddy: "I'm fixing breakfast, it's going to be a minute"
Mommy: "What is it?"
kiddo:: gets ready to explain and changes her mind "I'll wait for daddy, you won't get it"
Sunday morning cartoons in our house


kiddo: (opening stocking)
kiddo: "It's Peach on a cow"
Daddy: " Char Bear, are you even awake? Peach on a cow?"


When King Kong climbed the Eiffel tower.....


Char: "Momma, I got my period today, guess I'm not pregnant"
Me: "That better not be the only reason"
Char: "Momma, silly, you know I haven't done anything"


kiddo: "Momma, no more wine"
said jokingly when I'm singing, referencing the "all about that baste" instead of all about that bass

kiddo: Momma, I love you
Me: I love you more!
kiddo: Eek!! Don't get mushy, I didn't mean to say it outloud"


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