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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sister, Sister

These crazy girls. I mentioned before about K (the BFF) having a knee problem and being out of school 6 weeks.  At just the moment that she got to the point of being able to walk without crutches, Char gets crutches.  Char hobbling on crutches and K goes back to school Monday while Char is out of school Monday and Tuesday.

Weird kids.

Weirder.....I posted Char's pic on facebook of her on her crutches with her cast. Her baby sis, S, mom commented that they were in the ER with S at that moment because S had hurt her ankle.  Later she sent me a note that S had sprained it.

Yesterday, Char called us from school crying over the pain in her ankle. Hubs took her back to the doctor again and when the doctor found out what school she goes to, he said she'd never heal going straight back to school, that she needs to be out until Wednesday with her foot propped up and then at that point, she'll have made enough progress to walk that much on crutches and climb those stairs.

Her school is NOT handi-capped accessible. I'm not sure how that's even legal.  No ramps, no elevators, just challenges. I never noticed before.

Maybe this should be on my to do list. No handicapped child, temporary or permanent should have to suffer thru the school physical challenges. The other challenges of school are enough.

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