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Monday, March 30, 2015

Can't Catch A Break....

This poor kiddo....if it's not one thing, it's another

she's breaking out really bad the past few days and itching.  Hubs found out she'd gotten a hold of an orange that had some mold on it and seems to be having a penicillin reaction.  She's allergic to penicillin.

I looked online for ideas of how to help and what we need to do.  While reading, despite that we told her doctor she's allergic, one of the meds prescribed, while not a penicillin is listed as a known medicine for penicillin effects, with many allergic.

Since we didn't know, we've been giving her that and the last few days more than normal.

I feel horrible. I normally look up meds, but with all the crazy we've had lately, I didn't check it out, I just assumed it was your average antibiotic that she normally responds to.

She's gotten close to tantruming tonight from the pain and itch of her rash.

On a positive note though, she had a doctor visit today BEFORE we found this out and her foot is healing on track. She had her staples removed today and has 4 more weeks of non weight bearing, but after that if she's still progressing well, it's on to physical therapy.

Also, that's just in time for pool season. In the meantime while she's not moving around, she's allowed to take the boot off and just use the boot while moving.

Why, oh why, though, can't my child just have some normal in her life?

So annoyed, ready for good things....bring on the good!!

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