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Monday, March 16, 2015

8th Grade Registration

So proud of my baby girl.

She came home today with her registration form for 8th grade for us to review and sign.  She had already completed what her choices were for us to approve and asked our opinion on them.

She was completely insistent her first pic of elective be art. No surprise, after all, she is her momma's daughter.

What surprised me was the next 3 picks.  She was to choose 6 classes and while they aren't guaranteed, an effort will be made to accomodate the requests.

She picked Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow, Spanish and Leadership for her next 3 pics.  Then PE and Choir.

She's been talking choir so long, I assumed it'd rank higher, but she said PE was to humor us, but the rest she genuinelly wants.

She wasn't amused that I got so excited over the Leadership request, backing up when I tried to kiss her, lol.

She also says if she raises her grade a little between now and year end, she may can get into Algebra for high school credit and not wait until high school for it and promised to work really hard for it and seemed excited about it.

So proud of her motivation and excitement.

Feeling optimistic.

Given the triggers around homework, schoolwork, etc, this is a HUGE deal for us.

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