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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Party

Adoption/foster agency has a Christmas party every year for foster families and kids awaiting adoption. It was decided that we would be invited even though we are finalized so kiddo could see her baby sister.

It was our first time meeting the new mom. Imagine our surprise when talking to her finding out she'd been there barely over a week, the family we knew about and not met had already given up on her.

So sad for Lil S. So many moves. :(
That's family #5 now for her plus residential since the joint adoption disrupted.

Sad for her and furious that we were not warned in advance. Major trigger, our daughter got stressed and worried about sis and went back to hoarding food over the weekend and stress binging, eating uncooked cinammon rolls.

I wish I could make things better.

New Therapist

We got back from adoption weekend, trauma child arrived and we emailed her therapist prior to the appt to prepare her. Unfortunately when therapy day arrived, therapist didn't bother to show up and quit without notice.

We found a new therapist, closer to home, but more importantly not a flake. She seems amazing and has gotten more done in 2 sessions than the last one got in 7 months.

Kiddo is doing well, but hoping this will progress her to next level in her healing.

She called us in the room to apologize for being mean Thanksgiving and to explain what Thanksgivings before us were like. Apparently the kids didn't get to partake in the festivities and adults kept food from them.

She was sent on errands while the grown ups ate and if there was leftovers, the kids could eat.