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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Anxiety Relievers

What are some coping skills you or your kids use?

When kiddo first moved in, she had major school anxiety.  I'd forgotten our solution until today, but I had a little ring with mine and hubs birthstones on it.  We put it on a chain and she wore it to school.  If she started feeling anxious, she'd fidget with the necklace and it'd remind her we were there for her 100%.

She has her own choice coping skills as well, some good, some not so good. Here's a few of the good ones.....

  • trampoline....she will jump for hours.  Unfortunately, that's off limits while her leg heals
  • warm baths....if she's extremely anxious, it's not unusual for her to take 3 baths in a day
  • MP3 player....lots of music
  • sitting in the gazebo on the swing
  • sitting in the hammock listening to music
  • drinking ice water
She also started writing on herself to replace cutting when we had the cutting incident, but now that Zoloft has increased, she says she hasn't felt the need to cut, therefore, no recent writing on herself either.

She used to crochet and journal too. I wish she'd still do that, would be some good things to do inside in inclement weather, but scary movies are her current inside activity.

With the exception of music and ice water, all the coping skills she currently uses are ones she's developed since being here.  We've come a long way.

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