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Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Boy That Cried Wolf

So, despite that I feel like crap because I thought  my child was faking the ankle issue, still, it was a good learning tool for kiddo to see how her actions, exaggerating and making stuff up can have more of an effect on herself than others.

Therapy was Wednesday and her therapist asked what she did to her leg and when it happened.  She said it happened 2 weeks ago and I explained she'd just went to the ER the day before and why.  Her therapist looked at her and she said "I know your mom is feeling bad, but I'm sitting here thinking about the boy that cried wolf, do you know why?"

It was a pretty decent session, with lots of work on kiddo just being upfront and honest 100% of the time instead of making momma and daddy read minds to be good parents.

Her therapist told her that she knows she's very well loved and that both momma and daddy would move heaven and earth to make sure she's safe, but that she isn't being fair to us when she puts us in situations where we have to guess whether something is wrong and what is wrong.

She asked if she thought she could work on that and when could she start. Kiddo said "YESTERDAY!!" She almost always says yes, and right now.  I think it's very promising that she said yesterday, like maybe, just maybe, she gets it.

After the session, the therapist pulled me aside and asked how I was feeling about things. I almost cried. She said she knows I feel bad about it, but that her advice is quit spoiling that kid so bad.

Not sure how I'm feeling about that.

Things to mull over.....


  1. I wouldn't have done well with being told to stop spoiling my kid. That's really judgmental, IMO.

    1. that was my initial reaction too, she's normally on point so it took me off guard, but my momma instincts say we're doing fine there. She seems to think our spoiling Char makes her feel like we're showing pity rather than love and that she'll use that to walk all over us. I don't see that at all. I did flat out ask Char if she realized why we spoil her and her response makes me feel like she gets it, that she's rotten because she's well loved.