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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Social Worker Visit

I've been wanting to watch The Fault In Our Stars since it came out in theaters.  We didn't make it then, but it's on TV now.

The movie is sad and sweet.

We asked kiddo to watch it with us, as a family movie.  She declined.

She did, however, provide a movie review of it and her reason for turning it down.

Her comments:

2 people have cancer

2 people fall in love

1 person dies

other person is unhappy

The end.

To the point much.

She avoids things that will make her sad. I understand to a degree.  So much sadness is her little life, she doesn't want to feel pain.  On the other hand, if she'd occassionally let herself feel sadness without anger, and sadness from things that don't affect her.

Wonder how holding it in affects her.

This morning the social worker came out for her quarterly visit.  We're keeping our license open until S adoption is finalized so we can provide respite for her family and help the process be calmer for all involved.

I think the visit provoked some emotions though. After so long with no social workers and just being a real family with no weirdness involved, I saw some anxiety in kiddo this morning and her chat with the worker being so much like before.

I hate that she feels this.  I will be so glad when the adoption is final for little S.  Life can return to normal.  If I thought it'd help, I wouldn't keep the license and not provide respite, but that's a different set of complications.  So, here we are, back to social worker visits, but at least it's not frequently since we will not have a placement and just doing respite.

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