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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sibling Update

The other family is having a lot of drama with S currently. I'm hoping that the nurturing that they'll need to do while S's ankle heals will help S calm down and see that they'll take care of her. Even more, I hope that they don't give up on her.  Every placement, the behaviors escalate.  Her recent behaviors have escalated to a new high and I'm scared and worried.

The nightmares baby girl has had are being lived out and hopefully they don't get further.

(although admittedly, I'm glad she's not here now and my having to worry for our childs safety, even though I doubt it'd be directed at her, I wouldn't be willing to risk it)

I do hope she calms down soon and gets the help she needs.  They've finally found a therapist. She is on her 2nd session now, so hopefully things will get better.

Alot of snow days and S thrives on schedules, all this schedule changing is creating extra dysregulation, in an already anxious body.

On a positive note though, I actually think she has a really good chance in her current home that they can help her heal.

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