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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hospital Visits

Because kiddo had walked on her leg for 2 weeks before we found out it was broken, an MRI was requested to ensure she had no ligament damage.

Her appointment was for 12:45.  At 1:30, they finally took her in. I had to go back to work and it broke my heart to have to leave her there.  Daddy said he had it covered, but kiddo said "But I need both momma and daddy support".

They had barely gotten home when she hit her foot on the bathroom sink cabinet and started yelling for daddy to come into the bathroom and help.  He walked in and a wide gash in her foot....whether it was from the cast or the cabinet, not sure, but it was at the cast line. At that point, the pain was shooting thru her whole leg up to her hip.

They get to the ER and call me from there and I leave work yet again to go back to the hospital.  By the time I got there, she was in the xray department and the ER department told me to just wait there for her.  She was so surprised to see me waiting on her.  I told her I had to come to my baby, I figured she needed momma there too.  Daddy said she had said when they went she wished I was there too.

Fortunately the wide gash wasn't too deep and nothing extra wrong.  She looked so cute on pain meds though, I guess it really shook her foot.  She said the toe actually hurts worse than the broken bone. Poor kid.

Can't catch a break....other than in her leg, that is.

I'm concerned about her going back to school tomorrow, but doc says it's okay. We'll see how that goes.  Even daddy isn't sure about that, so he's going to take her, go to the office and find alternate ways in and out of the school because the walk is going to be tough on her. Her classes are no where near the door and up several flights of stairs.

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