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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Before and After Trip

Babygirl really begged daddy to let her stay out of school to take me to the airport for my meeting.  It ended up snowing, so she got her wish and we all went together to the airport.

She did GREAT!!

When we got there, she said "momma, I'll let you have a hug, but don't try to sneak in a kiss".

She wanted to leave pretty quick after we got there, she doesn't do drawn out goodbyes well.

Hubs said she behaved really well while  I was gone and they had a good time together. It snowed off an on all week, sub zero temps (rare for here) and she was out of school all week, so so much change to the routine and still did great.

Night one she didn't want to talk to me on the phone, just told daddy to tell me she loves me and oops, I mean tell her Lucifer loves her.

She did talk to me a couple times while I was gone and had the animals each get on the phone.  She said they missed me and said to tell me they loved me.  She doesn't like telling me that often, but I know she talks thru the animals so I took it and loved it.

They picked me up at the airport Friday night and she got in the way of daddy so she could get the first hug and even let me kiss her in public on the head.  She enjoyed teasing her daddy about getting the first hug and told me she MIGHT have missed me just a LITTLE.

Love that kid!!

(and she loved her gifts I brought her home and claims she's going to wear her hoodie every day and not take it off, I asked her to PLEASE not do that, let me wash it before she goes to's not that great of a hoodie, just an overdone way of thanking me!)

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