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Saturday, February 14, 2015

I Don't Do Love

It's Valentines Day and despite that my child doesn't "do love", she sure acts like she loves being loved.

Hubs got her a dozen roses (her favorite flower as her middle name is rose) and put a few other flowers in the mix too and a heart shaped box of Reese cups.  She was so excited (he gave it to her yesterday) that she wanted to rush in her room and put her flowers away. Hubs had to convince her to wait until I was home so she could show them off first.

The card we got her was funny.  Mushy wouldn't be her style.

The gist of it was mocking cupid hitting people in the butts with arrows, but hey--even if Valentines is weird, yum, candy and a chance to say what a great kid we have.

I always have to put in a hand written message to and I said "I know you don't do love, but suck it up buttercup, we love you"

She was cracking up, loved it so much, she refuses to put it in the scrapbook we have for each year where we normally keep her little mementos, receipts, photos, etc.  She said she wanted to hang that in her room.

She woke up this morning and asked for pancakes for breakfast and when she was play fussing that I wasn't quick enough getting the butter over there, she said she loved us.  Then she said "AACCK, I didn't mean to tell you that, I don't do love"

Yes, it's a good day!!

(she's fussing that my chocolate box is larger than hers, hubs said "mommy is nice to me" and she said "Hummm, maybe I could start being nice")

Her's is the yellow, mine is the red:

we're not spoiled, just well loved.

I love holidays, it's an opportunity to spoil our baby.  Bring on Easter, heehee!!

Her love language is gifts, so we love to pick up little things from time to time for no reason, but on special days, it's usually bigger than normal. We can't help ourselves. ;)

I even made her a custom made Valentine hot cocoa mug with pics of her animals, her bff and us and her full name on it <3 

She immediately put it on her nightstand and wasn't amused that I went in and took pics and moved it

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