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Sunday, February 8, 2015

More about the school and teacher situation.....

You may remember I wrote about kiddo crying her eyes out because the teacher posted her bad grade for the class to see.

We went to the school and the teacher was at a funeral, so we spoke with the guidance counselor only, who agreed to take care of things.

I fell in love with my husband all over at the letter he wrote to the school.  He told them that she has special needs, one of which is PTSD and that's what was relevant to his concerns. He proceeded to tell what happened and kiddo's reaction to what happened, which is consistent with her diagnoses.

The assignment was telling about herself, which was triggering in itself.  They decided that she wouldn't have to do the rest of the assignment (which wasn't my goal, I was willing to help her with the assignment, I just wanted the grade being posted addressed with the teacher and a little extra time since she'd have to do the work at home instead of during class). She was given an alternate assignment to do.

The guidance counselor claimed a few days later than the assignment wasn't posted on the wall for the class to see. Kiddosaid we should ask to see the video camera in the room for that day, that it definitely happened.  The guidance counselor said he looked at it and it didn't happen and that they checked her other classes and she never gets bullied either. Her alternate assignment was to write a page paper on what happened that day.

I *may* have believed the grade thing if he hadn't said she never gets bullied.  I don't believe it because of that. Her facebook messages refers to enough things that it's obvious the bullying happens. I also really DO believe her about the grade, she was genuinelly triggered by it.  I don't necessarily think it was on purpose as kiddo claims, but  I do believe it happened and the counselor is covering it up.

Moving forward.....I received an email last week that she wasn't working on another assignment in that class. Her teacher requested my help getting her to work on it and said since her anxiety over public speaking is so extreme, she'll allow partial credit for turning it in even if she doesn't present it.  Kiddo and I discussed it and she said she is working on it and will turn it in. I told her to show her teacher how far she's progressed because when she doesn't check in, it looks like she's not working on it and we want her to understand she's not ignoring assignment, just nervous she'll be forced to present.

Yesterday morning she showed me her speech and it was amazing. So well written and I'm saving it forever, for real.

I got an email from the teacher yesterday:
Kiddo did a wonderful speech just for me in the back of the room. It was so sweet.

She only got an 85 for lack of eye contact and technical points on the presentation, but 100 on the written portion.  I'm so proud of my baby for not giving up and giving the speech her best and not letting the anxiety about presentation prevent her from doing any of it.

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