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Saturday, February 7, 2015

More on Attachment

We had another attachment session Thursday, which wasn't as "calm" as the last, but productive, nonetheless.

Sharing exercises here, some of which we're going to do when we graduate to keep those bonds strong.

  • mirroring each other. Kiddo would do something and I'd copy and I'd do something and she'd copy. We'd do this for awhile and then her and her daddy would do this too.
  • We measured feet, arms, legs and smiles with ribbon.  Each of us had a different color ribbon and after she measured us and we measured her, we compared to see who had the longest and shorted ribbons in each one.  Daddy has longest foot, I had shortest arms by a long shot and her and daddy's arms are similar in length. They're legs are also similar in length and my legs are longer by a ton.  She found that very amusing since hubs is the tallest.  (it's really funny to see him in the convertible in the summer, with that long torso his head sticking out of the top
  • We washed each others hands and fed each other again
  • We played simon says with a twist, we had to each have 5 books on our heads while we did that. This was the exercise that was the most fun.  Each of us took a turn being Simon while the others followed. I was so good at this that when we were through with the session, kiddor requested to play this one more time and I told her I was so sure I could win again that I'd compete with 7 books on my head to 4 on hers and my top book was "showing off".
  • I sang lullaby's to kiddo, while holding a doll and then she did that
  • Hubs read a book to her, one of the Little Critter books about running away
After the session, our facilitator asked us each which activity we enjoyed the most and which made us feel the closest to each other.  ALL of us liked simon says with the books on our head the most.  A family that laughs together, stays together.

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