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Sunday, January 25, 2015

You're Going Away? Good!


I've went away on overnight business trips 4 times since we've adopted  kiddo.  All of those times, there has been some back lash, some anxiety, fear of abandonment and punishing momma for leaving.

It's steadily gotten better each time. First time was horrible, 2nd was bad, 3rd and 4th not too bad, just slight elevation in anxious behaviors.

I'm going away on another business trip next month for 4 days.  I'm starting to prep her now and do what I can to make sure she remembers I always come back and that everything will be okay.

The start to our conversation I told her where I was going, when and when I'd be back. her response: "good".  WHAT? Her response when I asked why she said good.  "Momma, your period is due then, we'll be glad to have you out of the house that week".

OMG!!! I was dying!!

(and if she thinks I'm bad during Shark Week, she should have to deal with herself then! I'm a piece of cake compared to her, I cry, she's mean!)

Oh well, at least she found a positive to get her through.


  1. Shark week??!! LOL I just told Princess I was invited on an overnight trip in April, but don't think I'll go because I have so much planned already and that I don't want to be away from her and her dad. She said, "Why? Sounds like a win-win all around for everyone." Ha! Crazy girl has come along way from sobbing when I went to the bathroom without telling her where I was.