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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Piano Lessons

New activity

3rd times a charm?

Well, one can hope at least.

Kiddo really does need something that keeps her mind off the past and keeps her focused on the present and the positive.

Soccer and softball both didn't work, both due to bullying.

This year she's trying piano lessons. Over the past few years, she's played with the piano here and there and perhaps not having other kids around to bully her, maybe she can succeed and stick this out a little better.

The lady that is teaching her was the organ player at our wedding and also a childhood Sunday School teacher.

She was so patient with kiddo, really explained things in a way that made sense and she really responded well and caught on to todays lessons quick.

I'm optimistic. Afraid to say I think she'll stick it out, still too early for that, but all I want is for her to find something fun that she enjoys that will keep her mind occupied and this would be good because she can practice alone too.

Music lessons:

  • learning (yes, she's already had math to do in her first lesson)
  • self esteem (and my poor baby really needs some work on this)
  • discipline
  • focus
  • coordination
  • patience
I wish I could go with her every time. I actually learned things this time that I didn't learn in 5 years of lessons when I was a child. 

I so hope she enjoys this.

We went to therapy right after piano and she worked ahead in her workbooks because she was so excited about it.

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  1. It sounds to me like piano lessons would be a great option for your daughter! It's really sad that she went through such a hard time when trying out sports and other activities. Recently I have been thinking about getting my son in piano lessons as well, because I just think that overall it is a really great activity for kids. Thanks for sharing your experience and what you think music lessons will help your daughter with!