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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Rough Weekend

The day after the phone incident, I had babycakes help me with all the chores to offset the time I lost in sleep up worried about her.  She was very helpful and compliant and kept close all weekend.

Fast forward to the next weekend, all was going well.  We went out to dinner Friday night. Saturday was a quiet day at home and we watched a movie together as a family and played cards together. Sunday cards and a movie again.

When I went to fix dinner, I noticed that a can of cinnamon rolls and a can of crescent rolls was missing. I asked her about it and complete meltdown followed.

3 1/2 hour tantrum, she said she was going to run away, she never loved us, never had and we obviously didn't love her either, she wanted a family with no rules and a zillion other things.

As it was freezing rain outside, we begged her to at least stay overnight and be safe before leaving. She was not amused and the rant started over again, screaming, yelling, and wanting out bad.

We got reinforcements on the phone, which didn't help either.

About 1/2 hour after the reinforcement call to crisis hotline at the agency we used for our adoption, she finally said she'd take a shower before leaving and finally agreed to take her meds (2 hours late) and stay the night, but that she wasn't going to school the next day. (red flag)

After her shower, she came in and said she wanted to stay after all, but that she still didn't want to go to school the next day, she wanted to talk to somebody about redoing attachment therapy. Where that idea came from I don't know, but we were definitely game.

Dramatic end to the weekend, tears by me all night Sunday and most of Monday.

Kiddo, on the other hand, expected things to be like a light switch and back to normal for us, even though she was still VERY dysregulated.

Therapy is scheduled for Wednesday.

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