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Friday, January 23, 2015


Ridiculously long baths again twice today, sign that something is going on.

The good news is at the end of her 2nd bath, I finally pried it out of her.

I'm furious.

I made her look me in the eye while I asked her what was wrong and she kept turning her head and saying "nothing" in that sing songy fake voice.

I said "look me in the eye and tell me what's going on".  She started crying and said she was upset about school and the e-mail I'd gotten from her teacher. I asked why she was stressing over that, since we'd already reviewed how we could fix it.  She looked away, so I knew it was more.

I said "Ok kiddo, what else?"

The tears started falling fast and she let me hold her and hug her and she said the teacher pulled up our email during class and posted her grade for the whole class to see and that she was really embarrassed, got upset and walked out of the classroom and she's afraid she'll get detention for walking out of class and slamming the door.

We got this girl calmed down and reassured her that if her grades were shown, good or bad, then it is never okay and that we have her back. Yes, maybe the response could have been better, but we were definitely not going to punish her over that.

She let us both hug and hold her and she cried it out for awhile.

I think she's okay now.  She's fine with us going to school to discuss this Monday.

So many times I wish we could home school, but right now, I don't think emotionally it'd be a great idea.  I don't think we're far enough along that the lines between teacher and parent and bonding would be at it's most effective.

On the subject of homeschooling, BFF has an injured knee, very serious situation with zero muscle control currently and she'll be out of school and have homebound schooling for the next 8 weeks, while they determine if she can get out of having surgery or not.

So much with these girls lately. I'd given anything to take their pain for them and make things better, but especially my baby of course.

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