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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Update on the Baby Sis

Kiddor's baby sis moved in with her new family today.

She called kiddo and now kiddo is hyper anxious again.

I wish so bad they could have a healthier relationship and be completely comfortable. It breaks my heart that S needs more than what kiddo is capable of.

They want to know how often she can call kiddo and if we can still do monthly visits. I had no idea that the monthly was intentional.

We'll have to all discuss both of thems needs, but I'm guessing NO!!

Kiddo said she doesn't like acknowledging the past and I've recommended she consider her a buddy to talk to occassionally if that helps, but we'd come back to this later before allowing the next call.

Hubs doesn't seem to get it, and I do, oddly.  Weird because he's the one that's cut off contact with family before because it wasn't healthy. I guess he wants her to try harder to avoid what he's dealing with.

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