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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Feelings Chart


We've been experimenting with leaving kiddo alone for a couple hours at a time.

BAD idea!!

She stole an old phone out of hubs desk, charged it up, downloaded kik messenger and was doing inappropriate things and communicating with strangers.

This is not the first offense, which is why she doesn't have a phone.

I'm so brokenhearted.

Hubs is even more broken hearted.

As cold as she can be with him because he's a "male", she willingly communicates with pedophiles.

As much progress as we've made, I feel like we're before the start, it feels like THAT much of a regression.

My heart is broken.

Even more so because I think she doesn't get why this is an issue.

It's been a long weekend.

We are trying not to take this personally, but it's really hard not to.

Obviously we took away electronics and anything that she could potentially find a way to access anything she shouldn't.  I also had her do the laundry and help me with cleaning the house, to offset the sleep I lost.

She said "I don't get why you care so much".  We explained that's what parents do, care.

I've been in tears all weekend.  Kiddo is trying to reconnect, but still no apology or anything like that, just a change to guilty on the feelings chart.

The pups however got an apology.

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