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Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Identity

Well, given the past that our princess has experienced and the numerous places she's been, we felt it was safest to fight for her to have a new social security number.  Her social worker said we'd never get it approved because of her age, but one thing about this journey, it's made us even more tenacious than before, and that was already one of our best qualities.

I printed off the policy from social security website and drafted a letter on why she meets the policy requirements and requested a new social security number for her. DH went over and discussed it. They said no, because she knows she's adopted.  He presented the policy and our reasonings and they agreed to set up an appointment to discuss it. Appointment day, he goes over and presents the case and fills out the appropriate paperwork. He leaves and an hour later, they call wanting copies of police records. Ummm, we wouldn't have police records. Legally, we cannot get a copy of those.

I put together additional information, pull stuff online to show arrests (although the ones towards kids are not on there because of privacy reasons, it does at least show the history of behaviors).

DH went back over there (with kiddo, because it was a snow day). The lady said "Does she know she's adopted?"  DH said "well, she's 12, so I think she suspects something".

Baby girl said she started to burst out in tears and look at daddy and say "why didn't you and mommy ever tell me I was adopted"?

yep, that's our child. Weird thru it all.

(on another note, some painful stuff about her past came out as a result of this that was in her file that she didn't know about, no lashback yet, but I know it's coming, next therapy we'll have to bring that up so they can work on it so it doesn't get bad)

After they checked it, they said it should not be a problem at all. We'll receive the final decision in 7-10 days and her new social security number about a week after.

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