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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Just one more reason to love my husband....

got up this morning, hubby tried to cheer me up, trying to shake off last night. While I know she's testing to make sure we will not give up like other families does and she doesn't mean the cruel things she said, it also can be very hard and draining to deal with when she's in traumaville.

Hubster got up and put this on her facebook wall for her to wake up to and I started crying and turned to mush. It says it all. I love that when one of us is stuck, the other pulls through and vice versa and we remind her that she is loved and treasured and the bad times don't change that.

He has this on HIS wall and there is the temptation, but he's a good daddy and does the right thing, so this is NOT on her wall. Off topic: this IS a pretty creepy verse.

We don't really feel that way of course and would never do it, but it is sorta funny the timing on both of these.  

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