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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Leading by Example

boy, did I get a painful reminder that we can't drop the ball for a second.

Our kids watch everything we do and we have to walk the talk.

After so long of daily reminders not to waste so much, I think it finally clicked.

Hoarding food and having to throw it out.  Leaving the lights on in every room she goes into.  Pulling out 4 outfits to wear, finally chosing one and putting the others in the laundry instead of hanging them back up, resulting in more laundry (because after they're in the basket, they do get dirty, ugh)

We've explained over and over that every little bit counts and that every dollar we spend on waste is a dollar not spent spoiling her.

She just came in the kitchen and turned the light out when she left, not saying a word on her way through. I went in there and she came back behind me after I left the light on and turned it off again and said "momma, you're suppose to turn the light off so you have more money to spoil me"


Have I said how much I love that girl?

Her motto:  "You say spoiled like that's a bad thing!"

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