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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Puppy Power

We promised baby girl a puppy once the adoption was finalized. We also discussed the breed. As of yesterday, we had found ZERO puppies in the state under $1000 and those were about as far from us as you could get and still be in the state.

Today we have a couple leads on a couple eskie puppies about 200 miles away. We have feelers out on one of them that we've already fallen in love with somehow.

So hoping that we get to go pick up this puppy this weekend.

Arlo is outnumbered by the cats now that Ashley  is gone, so he could use a partner in crime anyway.

Here's Arlo and Ashley when they were babies. The puppy we have our request in for is a little older, but kiddo is so excited to hear back and so hoping for a crazy pup likes these 2 were. Wish we could get her 2 of them.  That may be overkill for Arlo because I know he misses his Ash.

We've even been discussing names today. Hopefully the 5 month old will pan out. But if not, there are a couple 8 week old ones near there that are available. Surely one will pan out.  The 5 month old is housebroken though, so he gets brownie points.

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