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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Nice Quiet Weekend

With the snow, we went close by for our Valentines Dinner instead of where we had reservations. Pizza and cupcakes as a family.

This is what we got kiddo for Valentines, along with chocolates, pencils and a peace sign journal.  Maybe she can journal some of those guilt feelings away.

Kiddo asked me for 50 cent for the kiosk at the pizza place. She said she was getting daddy a birthday present (birthday was 15th).  It was a dragon ring, which she was right, had daddys name all over it. He asked her to wear it and always remember him instead of it getting stuck on his finger.

She also made him a card, but forgot to give it to him. She said that's the cats fault.

But, oh, so much calmer since therapy. Not a bad day since.  (totally nervous about writing that, lol).

Wish I could keep her anxiety level down and get to the bottom quicker.

Board games, movies, cookies, the things our weekend was made of this weekend. So low key and so peaceful.

I love my little family.

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