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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Implementing Training

I don't get it.

I really don't.

I got an e-mail today. Kiddo's baby sis is still in residential. Her SW said a breakthrough was made.  They discovered why she has tantrums when she's in homes and not in residential.

Apparently at 4:30 every day in residential, all the kids take their showers.  At 7 pm, they have all the kids go thru teeth brushing.

In every home that has disrupted, her baths and such have been RIGHT before bedtime, when she's already tired. She gets grumpy when she's sleepy, like kiddo, only apparently worse.  She tantrums really bad, but when she is instructed to do these things during daylight, she has no issues doing this.

I was so angry, I was seeing red.

  1. When we brought kiddo home from residential for our first overnight visit, one of the first questions we asked was about her schedule. We thought (common sense AND training) that it made sense to find out the schedule ahead of time and not turn her world upside down
  2. Did NOBODY think it made sense to try something different if her tantrums were ALWAYS at the same time of the day
  3. One of our playdates with S, at 2 pm, S said "It's time for my snack, it's 2 pm".  we JUST had eaten a snack at that point. What that told us....she's VERY schedule oriented.
If it's that obvious her schedule is important to her, why wouldn't a family keep her schedule until she's somewhat settled and at least gradually get her on the family schedule.

I'm so upset. If this is true and none of them tried to work that out, it's absurd.  

This little girl has had 4 homes since she turned 9. 

My heart is broken.

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