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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Stalking AdoptUsKids

Yeah, we know we're happy with 1, but I still check it out every week to see if any of the other kids we've submitted for in the past have found their forever families yet.  It is distressing to see how long it takes some of these kids to find a family and I want to know they're okay.

I got so excited this week when I did my weekly check.

The teenager we did respite for is now 17 and has finally been placed in her forever family. She's such a special girl.  I'm so excited that she has found a family. She wanted us to adopt her and it hurt my heart to know she was disappointed, but I knew that C was suppose to be our daughter (we had JUST applied for her at the time we did respite) and in addition, we really wanted 12 or younger.

LOVE seeing these kids find families. I wish it didn't take so long though.  I hope she's happy with her new family and that they love her the way we love our bear.

1 of the kids we applied for when she was 11 is now 14 and still no family :(

1 of the kids we applied for when she was 11 and has disrupted twice is now 14 and back on the site.

H that spent the weekend with us just disrupted the second time. :(

I hate seeing disruptions, but I will keep checking until they are all placed. There has to be a family for these girls.

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