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Sunday, March 2, 2014

New Puppy in the house.....

Meet Lucifer Thunderpaws M

We promised the kiddo a puppy for adoption finalization.  That happened in November and it took until now to find her a suitable puppy. Puppy matching is almost as important as people matching ;)

We let her take her BFF with us to pick up the puppy. Puppy was in Charlotte, NC, so it was a road trip. Most of our day was spent going to and from.

When we got home, we ordered out a late pizza dinner and had my ice cream cake for dessert.

I've always wanted my own ice cream cake and never had one.  It was to die for.

This sleepover went well so far.  The girls are in the other room cuddling with the new puppy, who's VERY affectionate.

My brother asked how my birthday ended up being about kiddo. Every day is about her of course.

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