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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Need Behind the Behavior

It's my last day of vacation and hubs and I picked up kiddo from school together.  It was obvious she was in a mood and something had happened. We were trying to find out and she was telling us a little bit, but holding back part of it and getting agitated with our questions, so we decided to let her calm down first.

We talked about dinner plans.  We said we planned on hotdogs and she said she wasn't going to eat them because she had hotdogs for lunch today (not normally an issue even if she had had the same thing earlier). I let it slide, but I knew she wasn't telling the truth.

About 1/2 hour later, I said "I thought you all had choice of pizza or brunswick stew today". (letting her know without accusing that we knew she had lied and just went on with what I was doing)

A few minutes later she confessed the girl had called her fat and that's why she said she wasn't going to eat. THEN we were finally able to have a good dialogue and she said just now "What times dinner? I do want hotdogs"

I also let her know after she had calmed down that it's disappointing when she's not truthful and that we always have her back.

Crisis over in record time!! Woot woot!! 

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