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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sibling Visit Next Weekend

Alot of excitement around our house lately

Harlem Globetrotters, new puppy, couple sleepovers and now next Saturday we get to have a visit with S.

I hope 'lil Miss S is doing well.  Kiddo worries so much about her baby sister.  We're getting together another set of kiddo photos for her to take to her.

We had printed up the photos from the last visit right after Christmas and planned to take them to her for our visit. She got moved back to residential before their playdate, so I mailed the photo album to S's social worker instead.

Her SW said coincidentially, it came to her in the mail the same day she was scheduled to visit with her. When she got there and started talking with S, she was talking about how much she was missing kiddo. So, she pulled out the photos and told her kiddo sent those to her and she was so excited to see her big sis.

I hope the visit goes well and that we can have more visits. I think with S's attachment issues, it may be good for her to see her big sis happy and attached to a family and help her realize before she gets discharged from residential that it IS possible to be happy and have a family that'll take care of you.  It'll also be good for kiddo to see that it's not particularly distressng to S to be at residential and that for now, at least, she's content and doing well.

They really do love each other and when I see how bonded they are, it at least shows that they can both attach. S is just taking longer to be willing to attach to somebody other than her sister.

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