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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Potential Career Opportunity

So, I had a job interview yesterday for a new opportunity.  I've been with my current employer almost 26 years and it was scary just to interview.

Why did I interview:  The ex-CEO of our company that I ADORED is on the board of directors for another finance company that is still relatively small and expanding. The ex-COO, whom I also adored  is the Chairman of the board for that same company.

They are expanding into Virginia this year. A friend of mine with the company just left in January to go on board with this company and recommended me. I got the phone call and decided to go find out more.

The pluses: it’s fun opening new offices, the heart of our company that we lost is with that company, so I trust the leadership, the culture we lost is very evident in that company, the hours are MUCH better

The downs: I’d have to do some outside sales, not just in house and I’m about 90% sure that my overall compensation would be less. The base definitely is and I’m reasonably sure with bonuses it’s still lower than my overall compensation counting bonuses where I'm at.

The interview lasted 2 hours. I know the guy liked me. I think he’d have hired me on the spot if I’d been willing to open an office 30 miles down the road ;)

They are VERY people oriented and more about good fits for their company. They find quality people, hire them and THEN open the office instead of opening an office and scrambling and potentially filling the office with the wrong person and messing it up. Their retention is awesome. 

My friend that went to work there is SO ridiculously happy.  

Alot to think about. I'd love the extra time with my family, but after having taken a pay cut with the step down to spend time with my family, another pay cut could ultimately affect our standard of living. We have to figure out if it's workable.

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