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Monday, September 29, 2014

Thoughtful Baby.....

Something is up with babygirl. She's not saying what yet, hoping it doesn't come out negatively when it does. I keep letting her know we're here when/if she's ready to talk about it, but no words yet.

This weekend, we finished our reno project and started bringing our stuff back in the house. Both Saturday AND Sunday kiddo requested family time and all to watch a movie together.  This is a big deal. She enjoys our Friday family night, but usually just plays off and on alone with the occassional visit with us during normal time.  In addition, the 3 of us went antique shopping together.  She ended up enjoying it and finding 2 antique dolls and a high chair.  She said she's ready to take up that habit with us now.

It was so nice to have so much togetherness and so little bickering.

BUT....I hurt my back getting the stuff back in the house in between the quality family time.

This morning I had to break the news to her that while I was willing to stay in the bathroom, I would not be able to wash her hair for her in the tub, she'd need to take a shower.  We had about 2 seconds of "ahhh...." and she cut it off before it turned to a whine.  She said "Okay momma, but you don't have to stay in here, go lay down and rest your back til time to go".

When I got home tonight, it's STILL ridiculous and she said while we were serving up dinner, "Momma, remember when you hurt your ankle?

me: "Yeah....." (wondering where this is going)
kiddo: "Remember what I said?"
Daddy: "it'll feel better when it quits hurting?"
kiddo: "No, I said I'd be momma's servant, well, momma, that holds true for now too while your back is hurting, just don't be needy" crazy kid, really, don't be needy.  I'll take it, it's rare to have her volunteering for helping with something

Daddy: "Maybe you should loan momma your bell?" (not sure if I mentioned the bell before, it's for her to prevent yelling across the house after bedtime if she needs us)
Kiddo: "Well, daddy, let's not get crazy about it"

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