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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thinking, Feeling, Doing.....

This weekend we got finished with our floors and have some new furniture too.

Over the weekend, we had several times of spending time watching movies together as a family, which we haven't done in ages.

Tonight, we had dinner at the table (which is embarrassingly unfortunate that we only do about once a week).  After dinner, we played the therapy game.

Kiddo loves the game, but also always gets a little dysregulated with it.  Working on trying to convince her answering the questions and thinking about them is okay, that it's okay to have feelings.  She's a little diversion artist.

It was nice to talk over dinner and listen to her talk about her new boyfriend of the week and what's going on at school and her actually talk about something important to her to us.

She went on her first field trip yesterday since she's lived with us and that was weird for me, but she did fine with it.  I was regretting not finding out in advance and planning for background checks and being chaperone, but I think she enjoyed the ride with friends and the out of the ordinary.

However, this morning she did NOT want to go to school. She still claims she felt bad/sick, but it just doesn't ring true.  Something is going on and she's not talking yet.  She's starting to talk a little though so maybe soon instead of through behaviors.

Maybe we'll play her therapy game again tomorrow.

It really is nice.  While she normally can't get thru the whole thing completely regulated, we do get to have a few good conversations from it and when it's our turn, we get to teach and model appropriate reactions.

Looking forward to more family time coming soon.

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