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Friday, October 31, 2014

New Family

Wednesday we let kiddo skipp school and trekked the 3 1/2 hours to go have a playdate with S.

Why would we drive that far on a school day for a sibling visit?

S has a new family lined up and they're in visits.  This was to give us a chance as families to get to know each other a little bit, make it less anxiety provoking for S and let us talk a little about how to keep the girls connection together.

We really liked the new family.

Really good vibes.

Really hopeful.

It surprised me when they walked in and S immediately went and hugged them.  Even kiddo said she's never done that before.  They said S had called them 3 times already.  The day we met with them was only S's second time ever spending time with them.

The plan is for them to have visits and S move in in January.  It's going to be nice having her that close.

They also want to meet up, at least briefly, over Thanksgiving.  The girls have gone so long without holidays together, they said they'd love to plan a holiday together.

I'm leaning towards telling them to just visit each other and work on bonding and we'll catch up later, but part of me thinks it'd be pretty cool to invite them over for a holiday.  We shall see.  Still a little time to think that over.

Kiddo has been much "lighter" since the visit. She said on the way out that day that she liked the new family and thinks that maybe this one has the potential to work out.

This morning she made me cry happy tears. She said S with the new family reminded her of her and us, feeling that instant connection, that kiddo acted totally different towards us than any other family she'd ever been with too because it felt right right away.

Be still, my heart! I'm melting.

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