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Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or Treat

After 26 years in finance, I finally got to celebrate Halloween.

In the world of finance, month end = crazy.

Many years I'd be stuck in the office until 9:00.

This year, I'm still in finance, but I started my own branch from the ground up, with my own people.  We made a commitment that our new world was going to be different than our old world. That's the reason we left the rat race that is a four letter word place.

Tonight we all left the office at 5:30.

My lovely daughter is 13, but that didn't prevent me from taking her out to have fun.  We went to her BFF's, picked her up and had their family follow us to trunk or treat.  Kiddo carried BFF's youngest sis around the whole time, we laughed, the girls got candy and when it was done, BFF's family headed back home without bff and bff came home with us.

We had zombie meatloaf, that looked nothing like the pinterest version, but it was fun and yummy at least. We had fingers on the side dipped in blood and true blood to drink. I even got the girls cool Halloween cups. Katabooty had to eat the middle finger, weird kid.

The girls stayed up and watched scary movies.

My baby dressed as Hello Kitty.

It's been a good night.

Halloween 2012, kiddo was still in residential and we just had met her. She didn't get to celebrate Halloween that year. She did give us a candy eye ball though as her first gift to her new parents.

Halloween 2013, the Saturday before, we had a wedding, but we snuck by for some candy at the baseball field.  Halloween she had therapy lined up, which we didn't cancel in favor of Halloween because of some issues going on (S being disrupted from her adoptive placement at the same time we were getting ready to finalize, creating big feelings) and being less than 2 weeks from finalizing adoption and her needing that extra support to realize we weren't going to give up on her.  And, I worked in the finance version of Hell and didn't get home until 9:30 or later.

Today was great.  What a difference a year makes!

What did your kids do for Halloween? How will you celebrate when they're too old to trick or treat? We snuck kiddo and BFF in thru the use of BFF's 2 baby sisters, but at some point, I think they'll be skipping that part in favor of staying here watching movies. I read something fun tonight where one persons teenagers went door to door saying "Trick or can" and collected food for the needy.

Kiddo is much too shy to have the conversation and hid in the background with the babies saying trick or treat for her tonight, so I don't see that being easy, but it has possibilities.


  1. What about a Halloween party? You could have her invite friends to dress up and play music (scary fun) and come over and watch movies and eat Halloween stuff. All of the kids at that age stop doing trick or treat and I think that would be a great and fun way to keep them out of trouble! LOL! You could even bob for apples and do old-fashioned games like that and do best costume (have everyone vote for someone) and on and on and on...:)

  2. that's what we're doing, they've already got next year planned, we did a mix this year. Next year, it's scary movies and smores at home and Halloween themed dinner, I just had to sneak her tot'ing this year so she'd actually have a memory of that in her forever home <3