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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Therapy Pets

It was suggested before we adopted kiddo, that a therapy dog may be a great plan for her and that Arlo would fit the bill based on his personality.

It's become therapy PETS.  Arlo, Bonkers, Rocza and Lucifer.  All 4 of our pets have been instrumental in helping our child work through her feelings.

We talk through difficult subjects "through" the pets instead of directly at times to make it easier.

Change has always been difficult from day 1 with kiddo.  Changing something puts in a fear that maybe our family situation will change too.

Even the little things she resists changing, so in 2013 we had no remodeling projects and this year tried in advance to prepare her for our projects.

She struggled at first and then settled in pretty well, but sometimes with her you can't be 100% sure whether she's faking it and masking her feelings because she logically KNOWS, but her heart tries to betray her with her feelings.

We just finished refinishing the floors, which completed the end of our living room and dining room remodel.  Yesterday we were able to start putting our new furniture in the house and while it's exciting for us, we know that it can be stressful for her.  She seemed excited though and her and the pups settled into the couch and snuggled while we tested the TV.

Arlo was giving her lots and lots of kisses and she asked him what was wrong and why he was so lovey and clingy this morning.


We said "Maybe he's worried with all the changes going on and wants to snuggle to make sure he's not a change, we should reassure him and give him kisses back" and "Arlo, you know FAMILY never changes, us, kiddo, and the rest of your siblings are all family and that never changes"

Today was a GREAT day!!! In the middle of all the chaos from putting stuff back in the house, we decided to watch a movie together as a family, at kiddo's suggestion. It was so nice all being in the room together watching a movie.  Well, a movie and a half, we also caught the end of one of DH's favorite movies and her and daddy had a great time laughing thru that.

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