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Monday, September 22, 2014

Holiday Tip

Yes, I know it's September

Yes, I'm posting a Holiday Tip

Yes, I've started my shopping, and actually almost finished with it

My tip for adoptive parents is every chance you get, find something personalized for your child.  Many times when a child is adopted from foster care, they've had years of having to leave their belongings behind in a hurry, things not being sent to them, belongings being lost, etc.  As a child moves from foster home to foster home, there may be "community toys", toys that are meant for the whole household, or even community/hand me down clothes.

That little extra to personalize the gift, perhaps a tote bag with their name on it, for example, goes a long way to saying "I mean what I say, this gift is for you.  You are important."

Most people like feeling like they have belongings that are truly theirs and many of the kids coming up through the foster system either don't have that luxury or don't trust that luxury.  Something as simple as a name on their bookbag or lunchbox says "This is something that will not be taken away from you to pass to the next child".

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