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Monday, September 15, 2014

Ortho Visit

Kiddo called me all pitiful sounding today and said "Momma, I've been trying to call daddy and can't reach him".  One of the wires on her braces got loose and her mouth was bleeding, so I went and picked her up at school and took her to the ortho.

Good report....we're still on schedule and potentially may get her bottom braces next week. He said teeth look amazing this time and good job brushing!!

I'm always so puzzled when kiddo calls, she sounds so little and young.

My baby, growing up so fast, and sounds like such a little kid on the phone. I can almost pretend for just a moment that she's been here forever and have a flash back to how she must've sounded then.

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  1. So does Princess! I love talking to her on the phone because she sounds so tiny. She holds the phone way to close to her mouth and it's hard to understand her, though.