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Saturday, September 27, 2014


the author of my favorite blog challenged her readers in this to share their thankfuls:

So, here it goes.

Like last mom, I'm totally addicted to my daughter. She's my love and my baby, even if she is a teenager ;)

I'm thankful:

  • she enjoys mommy/daughter time enough that despite being a normal teenager, at least once a week, she'll request some extra time with me!!
  • she was willing to give us a chance as her family, despite how many people have let her down in the past....chaos was the norm, not the exception previously
  • she continues to try so hard to heal
  • she chose a good example for her best friend, making it easier for her to know how to relate to kids her age and not get sucked into bad peer pressure
  • she's tolerate and open.....she's not judgmental at all and she believes firmly in equality for all people
  • she forgives me when I make mistakes
  • she's AMAZING with the pets and I've never had to worry about their safety (which is a real concern for a lot of kids diagnosed RAD)
  • she's not a couch potato and likes activity
  • she enjoys doing many of the same things we do, she's not just humoring us going to concerts, plays and more!
  • she's funny and gets us! 

1 comment:

  1. Yay!!!! So happy you have your girlie! (And that I have mine.)