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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tantrum, tantrum

I hate homework. HATE homework!!!

I don't know why homework is such a trigger, but I got home the other day and hubs told me Char had run away from home to the back yard because of homework.  Apparently she got upset when hubs had her do her homework and more upset when his math rules didn't match what she thought they should be.

Mind you the homework was correcting a failing test, so obviously the math rules she thought applied didn't match, but that's another story.

She got mad, threw a tantrum and a half and left.

I got home and went outside and the pups came running and showed me where she was at.  She was not amused when I suggested she may want to not run away with the pups because they'll tell me where shes at (if she was really interested in running away, I would never say that, I was trying to lighten the mood)

Afterwards, I always ask how running away helps, that math will exist here or somewhere else. Everytime she says she doesn't know, that she knows she's not thinking rationally, but at the time it makes sense.

This happens EVERY time we do homework that is difficult for her. EVERY time.

I just wish I knew why that was such a trigger and it's not like we get into it or anything before the tantrum starts, just the mention of it starts it.

She calmed down after 3 hours, came back and did her homework in the kitchen with my help while I cooked dinner and then got me to fix daddy ice cream for her to serve him to apologize for how she spoke to him before I got home.

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