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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Schools out as of Friday at noon.

kiddo's BFF came home with her and we went to a concert together to see .38 Special and out to eat. BFF spent the night.  It was her birthday weekend and a good celebration it was!!!

Started off summer with a bang!!

Monday, Kiddo's softball team had a cookout. kiddo was stressed because she couldn't find a friend to take with her and since her and her softball buddy had a big fight recently, she didn't feel she had a friend there.

I just knew it was going to result in a big temper tantrum.  We encouraged her to go join in with the rest of the girls regardless and she wasn't having it.  DH and I decided we'd take a short walk and told her she was welcome to go for a walk with us or if she preferred not, then if she wasn't with the team when we came back from our walk, we were headed home.

When we came back, of course she was laughing with her teammates and her and the buddy had made up.

Girls!! Middle School Drama!!! Always something!!

Today we got our ears pierced together. Kiddo was so nervous about it.  She'd never had them done so it was scary. Funny, she was fine with holding my hand on her turn but refused to hold my hand while I had them done, lol.  We both got our birthstones.

Now, it's planning for lots of sunshine, pool time, movies, etc this summer. What's on your summertime schedule?  Oh yeah, and visits with S.

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