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Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Friends

I'm amazed daily in this new job.

Even the level of meeting friends is different. There are 5 people in our training class. 4 came from my prior company and 3 of us had over 20 years there.

We clicked quickly and the 3 of us (sometimes all 4) have spent so much time together, laughing and having fun. The burden has been lifted and we're so happy.  (FYI...we keep inviting the other one, but she's opted out)

I say this jokingly, but its almost like a cult...."come into the light." What is it about our new employer that drew us here? Why are we so insanely happy? It actually seems like these people care and want to do business the right way. Its so exciting to be here at this point in time.

The company has been in business for 18 years, hut only stand alone since last year. Profit and quality growth has been stellar and morale is high.

Excited for good things to come and more friendships formed.

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