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Friday, May 2, 2014

Really? A Concussion?

As if all the bullying stuff at school weren't enough.....

for almost 2 weeks, kiddo has come home daily with a headache. She was in tears Monday from it hurting so bad, so I called and made a doctor appointment. They couldn't see her until today.

While we were in the doctor office, the doctor was asking various questions and it came out that she had an accident in gym class LAST Monday (the 21st).  The gym teacher apparently told her to "shake it off" and made her go back to playing kickball with the rest of the class.

The diagnosis? mild concussion.

I'm so ridiculously upset.

How does a child hurt their HEAD and nobody call the parents to inform them, at least to have them be on the lookout for danger signs. A concussion is serious. This could have been a really big deal.

No gym for the next 2 weeks, no softball, she has to miss the skating part of the skating party she was invited to tomorrow.  But I'm just MAD that nobody told us about her injury.

Kiddo apparently thought it was no point in telling us because the teacher didn't think it was a big deal. I'm not mad at her, although I did let her know even if a teacher tells her it's not a problem, to keep us informed on anything that happens during the day.  I'm furious with the teacher though.

Head injuries can be a big deal.

That school is getting to know us in the end of the school year.

They're being really bad about not being problem solvers.

Any tips? anybody else with similar situations? Feel free to share.

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