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Sunday, May 11, 2014

A week into the new job....

and I love it!!!

I thought it would be a little inconvenient that my training until my branch opens would be out of town, but they changed my hours until my branch opens to 9:30-4:30 so I'm home by the time I'd normally be home.

The people are great, the atmosphere and culture is just what I'm looking for and I can't believe how excited I am about this job.

All that said though, I'm travelling this week and have to leave my 'lil family for a whole week. Not crazy about that at all.  Last time I went on a business trip, all hell broke loose, with kiddo worried I was leaving her like so many before me have.

I hope we've worked through it enough to be okay, but I'm a little concerned because while I was packing and the puppy was curled up with my luggage, she was talking "for" the puppy and commenting on my leaving and she told him it wouldn't be forever.

Breaks my heart that she has to feel this pain and worry.

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