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Thursday, January 2, 2014


My little girl is stuck in traumaville, I can't figure out what's going on and my sweet baby girl has turned into a terror.  I wish I could figure out what's up.  It hurts so deeply to see her struggle.

When she's struggling, she argues, about anything!! Everything must be controlled by her and if it's not something we can let her control, she goes bonkers and we're so mean.

She's been hyper the past few days so I knew it was coming, I just didn't know how badly.

I sprained my ankle Sunday night and maybe going to the ER with me triggered something? I don't know.
Maybe something happened around New Years and it's triggering her? I don't know. She says not, but we found out after Thanksgiving that Thanksgiving was a trigger.

In any event, the year has barely started and I'm ready for it to be over if this behavior is indicative of how the year will be.

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