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Thursday, January 16, 2014

First Night Apart

I'm not sure who was struggling more, me or kiddo.

I had a business trip Sunday-Wednesday.  I left here Sunday and while it was obvious kiddo wasn't happy about my having to leave, she didn't cry or anything.

I got about 15 miles up the road and remembered I left my shoes behind. Who does that?  So, I turned around and came back for my shoes. When I went to her room to tell her bye again, I found her laying on her bed crying and she said she missed me already. Totally made me cry, of course. Then again, I'm a crier anyway.

I went on my trip and when  I arrived, I called home. Hubster said she calmed down and they played games all afternoon together.  Monday, he said after they hung up from talking to me, she cried some more.

Monday evening, I was on my way to my hotel room when her former SW called to tell me that baby sis S is being moved yet again.  This time, she'll be returning for a second trip to residential. I'm so heartbroken about that.

I waited until Wednesday when I returned before hubster and I told our Princess about her baby sis.  I didn't want her worried about that when she was already struggling about my being gone.  (I assumed it was being afraid that I would abandon her and not come back, but SW says she's pretty sure it demonstrates a healthy attachment forming and that I should be happy with the response)

Princess response? "Ok, well, my show is on, can I get back to it now?"

I'm pretty sure we're in for a really rough fallout when this hits her. She's NEVER had a response like that to her moves, normally we get a temper tantrum about people giving up on her and how bad it is to have that many moves.

On a lighter note, S seems genuinely glad to go back to residential. That screams severe RAD to me. Hopefully, she can get some healing this time.

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